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Like most Americans, I allow myself to be bogged down with work, family, activities, duties, etc. We think about ourselves but many forget to take time to do what we love. I love books. Nearly all books of all genre. Not a huge fan of horror/demonic, LGBT, or books that depict gratuitous sex and violence. Honestly, I have little tolerance for material poorly written regardless of its acclaim or fame.

What has brought me here today? GUILT. I feel guilty that I have neglected my blogs. That is a big one for me. Guilt gets me to do a lot of stuff I would not jump at immediately. I was raised by a Catholic mother and am of Jewish descent, so I guess the guilt thing is nature and nurture.

I am back and will be blogging a bit more forcefully now. I will put some of those other things on hold … after book fair.

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Thank you so much for featuring me for your fantasy reading theme issue, Myra.

I started writing ‘Princess Petunia’s Dragon’ as a picture book because I love the format. The story was about a child who wanted a difficult pet, a dragon – who finally came into his own when the weather suddenly turned cold. Each time I did a draft I found myself developing the plot, until it ended up at 7,000 words for a reading age of six to nine. I don’t make many conscious choices as I write, rather my imagination makes demands on me.

Like you say, Petunia is a feisty little girl and is probably the child I’d have liked to have been. Writing about a quirky, determined child is exciting, especially when she starts shouting back! I love the randomness of writing fiction.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 5.15.15 pm

There are elements in the story of Petunia – such as…

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