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Believe it or not, my daughter introduced me to Shel Silverstein. I have never been a fan of poetry but my daughter loved reading Shel. So I bought her a boxed set and read numerous silly poems. I was hooked. When Runny Babbit was at the Scholastic Book Fair I bought her a copy and read it to my students. So, when I moved to a new school district and started working on a poetry lesson I was devastated to find only one Shel Silverstein book and only a handful of other (older serious) poetry. Not the stuff kids WANT to read (unless they are like my daughter :] ) so I grabbed Every Thing On It from … you guessed it … the Scholastic Book Fair!

My students will appreciate poetry much more now, I think, that I have read Shel Silerstein. His poetry makes all ages smile as we relate to what happened in the past and to what we are going through now.

HarperCollins has published this wonderful compilation of never before published poems and art by Shel Silverstein. My daughter needs this book!


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