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HELP!! My library is OLD!!!

I have just taken over a school library in a rural area. The first thing I did was run a collection analysis to see where were. I am so saddened to find my students’ lack of reading desire is due to the age of the collection. I am not sure where some of the books came from but even in the 1980s when the school was built the books were outdated.

The average age of my collection is 1985. Almost 35 years old. The problem with that is there are books in the collection from the 50s. No, not classics that can transcend time. The collection has been added to sparingly over the years so there are a few newer items. However, there are no Encyclopedia Brown, A to Z Mysteries, and I am certain that in my library Pluto is still a planet.

If any publisher wishes to have reviews posted here please send me your books and I will gladly review them and add them to my collection. If any bookseller wishes to be kind and donate relevant materials to my students, I will gladly make it known here! Yes, I am begging … for my students. My library reaches PK through 4th grade and I have a few upper level readers who are borrowing books from my personal collection. Please help!

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