Book reviewer extraordinaire!

So, the 39 Clues are over and I won’t tell you who won, but it will be obvious when you read The Medusa Plot. I won’t spoil it.

The Medusa Plot takes off where the 39 Clues left off. It seems that Amy and Dan Cahill are embroiled in another familial feud. This time is is the Vespers (not a Cahill family clan) and they want something from the Cahills. Members of the various Cahill clans are kidnapped and the siblings must follow the cryptic directions given via text message from Vesper One. Just like in the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan travel all over the world following clues and dodging death at every turn, but this time they have help from their cousins.

Gordon Korman does a great job in twisting the plot and setting up the youngsters to be hunted, threatened, nearly killed and so much more. Yes, there is more. I missed a bit of sleep to finish this book.

I am loving the two series and my students borrow them from my shelves. They are just as excited as I am about watching the kids reunite to fight for their familial clans. Great fun as we watch Amy mature into a young woman, with boyfriend in tow, and Dan becoming a little darker and more introspective. I can’t wait for book two!

The books are for fourth graders and up. A bit too violent (IMO) for younger students without parental involvement. We are talking life or death situations here, some kids are not ready for the emotions the books may bring up.

Teachers, go to for the Educator Network. Great tools to use the books in your teaching. Librarians, the books will stay checked out!


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