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The Hunger Games

Okay folks, I read the series a while ago and with the movie coming out I decided to read the first again. I read the books mainly because I was familiar with another series, Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins and enjoyed them. Warning! This series is not for elementary students. The Hunger Games are more for middle school to high school and adult ages. Maturity is required.


The 39 Clues Series 1

Various authors. As an educator and librarian I absolutely love this series. The books are geared toward 4th – 6th grade student reading abilities but older students may enjoy them. Brother and sister are orphaned and placed with a horrible great aunt who detests them. Their grandmother is a kind and gracious woman but dies abruptly, so it seems, and leaves her substantial wealth to a group of relatives who are as foul and scheming as the great aunt. However, there is a catch. Each relative can walk away with a cool two mil OR they can enter the mysterious clue hunt. If they can collect the 39 clues and live to tell about it, the winner will have more power and wealth than they can imagine. Enter grandmother’s lawyer, an odd au pair, and the numerous relatives and descendants of the Cahill clan and you have a chase that leads the children to numerous countries, meeting famous and infamous, diverse, and devious, and sometimes even deadly, relatives who do not mind killing to get what they want.

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