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The Hunger Games

Okay folks, I read the series a while ago and with the movie coming out I decided to read the first again. I read the books mainly because I was familiar with another series, Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins and enjoyed them. Warning! This series is not for elementary students. The Hunger Games are more for middle school to high school and adult ages. Maturity is required.

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  1. Shawn Weisser said:

    I just watched the movie and have read all three books. As a children’s librarian (grades PK-5) I did not put this on my shelves. It is not intended for children at the elementary level. Personally, I would not allow my middle school child (I am also a parent) to read the books unless I had read them first and read them WITH my child. Any book can be taken dangerous – recently a student performed a trick he learned in Diary of a Wimpy Kid on one of his friends; the nosebleed was an unexpected result. As an educator, librarian, and parent I advocate for parental rights in all arenas. Parents need to tell children no if they feel a book or movie is inappropriate. If the parent is not sure, preview the item or look at reviews, discuss the item with the school librarian – that is one of our jobs; however, do not take the media reviews or the commercials at their word. Even Stephanie Meyer stated that her books were not written for elementary children, and yet parents took their kids to see Twilight! Crazy!

    Oh, and movie makers are out there to make money – not raise your kids. If you do not want your child exposed to things, THEN DON’T DO IT. You are the boss, not the kid. Be a parent, be a grown up, be what your kids need you to be and make the right decisions for their benefit. You may not be on their favorites list but you don’t need to be. My daughter is almost 20 now. She “friended” me on Facebook, follows me on Twitter, we are Google+ friends, and we even pin each others’ stuff on Pinterest. We are friends, NOW. BUT, I will always be Mom first and she knows that, she likes that, and she appreciates that we said no on occasion.

    Put the responsibility back on parents for raising their kids.

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