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By Roald Dahl
It had been a long time since I have read this children’s story. My fourth grade reading club is working on it so I bought a copy to re-read. For an adult it was a quick hour read but I realized I might have to go over vocabulary with my students. The word queer only has one meaning to students today. Shame. There are a few other items most people forget about because they read a children’s book so long ago; feelings remain but actual words and subjects covered, we forget. In an era where most people equate a spanking with child abuse this book may appear inappropriate. I believe the author wrote most of his books with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Our society has changed greatly since he wrote this book. Our children are covered in protective gear when riding bikes but we allow them to watch tv and movies and play video or computer games that may be more damaging. We protect the body while allowing the brain to be corrupted.
Dahl is still intriguing and families need to read his books and discuss what he writes. Enjoy!

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