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Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan has done it again! New characters, brother and sister Carter and Sadie. New gods, EGYPTIAN! So cool! In three books Riordan explains the structure of Egyptian mythology, introduces the descendants of the pharaohs and magicians, and explains where they all went.

Carter and Sadie look nothing alike. Carter takes after dad, African American, tall and very attractive. Sadie looks like mom, tall and blonde with beautiful brilliant blue eyes. No one thinks they are related. They weren’t raised together because combined their magic is a bit explosive! Sadie was raised in England and Carter was raised all over the world. Unique and intriguing!

I am starting another series by Riordan now. Heroes of Olympus!


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I have to say I am addicted to mythology and have been for many, many years. Greek, Roman, Native American, etc. Makes no difference.

Rick Riordan has brought back my childhood obsession in a fun and child friendly way. Yes, kids are in danger, mortal danger, but it feels more like excitement as you read. The detail in which he covers the Greek gods and the stories around them are enjoyable, not like reading the encyclopedia. I also loved the gods personalities. Riordan wonderfully describes the gods making them more believable and, to some degree, likable. The heroes are great. You even end up cheering on Luke in the end.

Great job and I plan to read these to my fourth graders next year!


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