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Island of the Blue Dolphins By Scott O’Dell

Karana, fictitious name by O’Dell for the Lost Woman of San Nicolas Island, aka Juana Maria, is left behind on San Nicolas Island and lives for approximately twenty years without human contact. Not much is known of her as she was the last of her kind, spoke an unknown language, and died before learning English. Scott O’Dell did a wonderful job of creating a diary of what it may have been like for the young girl left on an island all by herself for nearly twenty years. He did not spend a lot of time and effort on being overly dramatic. It is more like a diary. Since there is not a lot known of this person all that can be written is speculation.


Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Mummy Mystery

I read this book at the request of my school principal because a parent found it objectionable. The principal could not remember why, “perhaps a word” she said. Well, I have the entire set in the library for my elementary students to read and I have never been challenged over a Jigsaw Jones Mystery book before so I said “sure, I’ll read it on the ferry ride home” as I have about twenty minutes.

Let me be very clear, THERE IS NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE FOR A STUDENT TO READ IN THIS BOOK. No swear words, nothing grotesque, nothing anti-religion, NOTHING.

Jigsaw is “hired” by another student to keep from being cheated in a bet. The student agrees to eat a worm for a buck. Yucky? You bet, but it lasts about five words.

What does that have to do with a mummy you may ask? Well, Jigsaw’s older brothers tell him a bit of lore about a mummy that only appears on Halloween and eats neighborhood cats. That is as gross as the story gets. No mummy appears, no cats disappear. Nada! The actual mummy that does appear is the costumed worm swallower.

So unless the principal can produce the concerned parent with a real complaint, the book stays without any issues.

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