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Another Challenge

I love my students. I really do. You would think they would learn; however, not to challenge me to a reading competition. Ms. Jones’ fourth grade class has challenged me to read and take AR quizzes on the Carole Marsh Mysteries: Real Kids, Real Places Series (the US cities set), which currently encompasses forty books. We do not have that many in our library at school but we have a great many of them; twenty three in all. If this was the school beginning instead of ending they might have a chance, but as it stands … I am clearly going to kick some fourth grade bum.

Oh, the kicker is, after they challenged me I let them know they only had until the 30th of the month to get it done as all books are due back in the library at that time. I am on my third book … if I don’t do anything else I will finish the remaining three I brought home tonight. Fortunately, I do have a life that consists of a family, a home, a garden, and a few other priorities!

I have read so far:
The Mystery at Kill Devil Hills
The Mystery on the Mighty Mississippi
The Ghost of the Grand Canyon (reading now)

So, why do I do it? My students need a taste of other cultures. They need an understanding of US history outside of the “four walls” of their small community. This is why I like these books. Students get to learn a little about other places. I might challenge another group to read the other series that focuses on places around the world.

The kids love Geronimo Stilton so maybe these will encourage them to learn about what lies beyond their minute boarders.


Comments on: "Another Challenge" (3)

  1. Shawn Weisser said:

    Wow, my kids are knocking my socks off! Two of my challengers are ahead of me and two have tied me! So exciting that I they are making me work for it!

  2. Shawn Weisser said:

    Update 5/29/14:

    I am in the lead! We will see after today!

  3. Shawn Weisser said:

    Two of my boys finished the challenge by reading twelve books … so they said. However, when I went to verify they had read the books and taken their AR quizzes, lo and behold they had not tested on their books.

    Our deal was to read as many books as possible and the proof is in the AR quiz. Out of the five tests one took, he only passed three and the other took four quizzes and passed two. They were trying to scam me. When I asked them, they tried to deny it but their faces gave it away. No shame for being dishonest. No fear of lying to a teacher/adult.

    They were the only two to “finish” the challenge and they lied and cheated (they tried to take the tests together – did not work out so well). No shame. They did not even apologize for their scam when caught.

    I am saddened by this behavior.

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