Book reviewer extraordinaire!

New Gig

This has been a crazy summer but I have a new gig at the end of it all. I have left my position of the last six years as an elementary school librarian and made the jump to the high school level.

On the outside I am cool and collected but on the inside I am a bit scared. What do I do? Plan. Planning makes me calmer. Planning helps me put things in order and makes me feel in control. So I am planning!

One cool thing that has happened with this new change is I actually get a co-librarian with whom to work! I am so excited as I have never worked with another librarian and it is a man, even cooler. We can work together to make changes and bring our lovely library into the 21st century!!

I am reading a book on how to convert our traditional, albeit new, library into a real learning commons. So exciting to make changes. Wish me luck, give me tips, include me in your prayers. It is all good!


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