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NANOWRIMO has come and gone

Yep, another year has gone by (nearly) and the National Novel Writers Month with it. I signed up and then did a crazy thing, I created a classroom in the Young Writers Program. I have nine students sign up but only four were consistently coming to after school writing sessions. That was okay as long as they were writing and keeping up on the YWP NANOWRIMO site, which many did.

What I learned doing this?

1. I cannot write while helping the kids.

2. My kids are very creative writers even if not the best writers.

3. Grammar means nothing when draft writing.

4. I won’t meet three days in a row because I am exhausted by the end of the week.

5. I will teach a class next time (we met for 2 hours so 1st hour class, 2nd hour free writing).

6. This was fun!

7. I got closer to students which was important as this is my first year here.

and finally,

8. I will do it again.




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