Book reviewer extraordinaire!


I have been a school teacher librarian since 2003 and although I was terrified at first I have grown to love it. I previously worked in an academic library and a public library in the local history and special collections departments as I have a passion for history and hold degrees in both education (social studies) and US history. I had intended to work in special collections and/or museums but “fell into” an elementary school library.

I love it! I love working with students at the elementary age. I enjoy watching their eyes grow wide as I read, I enjoy watching them giggle and shiver when I tell a ‘scary’ tale, and I get wrapped up in the story with them as I read. The best compliment I have ever had is when the first child I read a great story to asked if she could check out the book I was reading.

I want students who have no real interest to get caught up with me and ask for the book to continue on their own. I want them to ask for books. I want them to want to come back and see me each week and ask my opinion on what they should read! So much fun and so many books published each year…it is near utopia!

Welcome to my children’s librarian blog. Please join me in the love and appreciation of reading at an early age.


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  1. Hi, you recently left a message on my House of Shine website about the DO52 sticks. I followed your link and noticed you are a librarian. I have a Shine project I am interested in pursuing and would love the help of a librarian. I’m wondering where you live and if we might connect by phone at some point. My email address is

    Also, we are in the process of trying to trademark the DO52 sticks, so when and if you share the idea with your students, I would so appreciate you letting them know where you learned of the idea. If ever you want us to develop a bookmark or something related that could be distributed to kids, just say the word.

    Claudia K. Beeny

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