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Don’t flog me, please!!!

I have had an eventful summer so my blogging has been limited. However, my reading has not!

I received a wonderful call from the assistant superintendent for our district asking if I could spend some money … FAST! A couple of hours later I had spent about 25K! As a result, I went back to work early and began reorganizing my library to accommodate the new materials and then to process the new materials.

The downsides (yes, plural) are 1) lack of work free summer – I have not had one of those before, and 2) I was asked to process the new textbooks for all of the new materials teachers were receiving. We had enough funding left over to purchase all new materials for every subject and every grade level. AWESOME! Well, except for the processing part.

We officially go back to work on Monday to get ready for the students after labor day. I still have 33 boxes to open and process in two weeks by myself. I don’t mind because the students will be excited!

Now, onto blogging about the books I read this summer!


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