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Reading Like Crazy!!

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So, I was challenged to read all of the picture books in my “F” section in the library. No easy task with everything else gong on as we count down to the last day of school. There are 23 more days to go!! Woot, Woot!!

Ahem, back to the “F” section. All of the authors’ last names begin with an “F” – Fox, Flournoy, you know…the ones we know and love, like Fleishman! There were a few I had not read before and it was interesting to see how many books had been purchased by previous librarians were written by our beloved children’s authors. I read most of the books to my students, which they liked when I explained what I was doing, and were thrilled when I explained that I would also take AR (Accelerated Reader) quizzes on the book I have read as well. A little healthy competition between me and a few students and teachers as to who can earn more points … I took the lead last week but will probably lose it to one of my third graders! He is a voracious reader!

Anyhoo – here is the list of books thus far and I have put an asterisk next to the book my students like and tell you why:

* Halfway Hank – Fallon, Joe – Believe or not, they understood that you can’t do everything “half-way” and achieve and by doing so you let down others who count on you.
A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever – Frazee, Marla
* The Happy Lion – Fatio, Louise – Bonjour! They loved it because we were able to speak FRENCH!! Too cool! They loved saying bonjour to everyone!
* The Story About Ping – Flack, Marjorie – It is a ducking, what can I say? My kids love anything with an animal. 🙂
Just For You! Don’t Hit Me – Ford, Bernette
I Love You, Grandpa – French, Vivian
Shoes from Grandpa – Fox, Mem
Tanya’s Reunion – Flournoy, Valerie
* The Patchwork Quilt – Flournoy, Valerie – They preferred this story to Tanya’s Reunion. I think it is because Tanya learned about family in a very physical way, making the memory quilt from pieces of clothing used by family members.
* I’m Not Bobby – Feiffer, Jules – “Oooh, he’s gonna’ get a whoopin’!” Yes, they enjoyed seeing and hearing Bobby misbehave! They also liked the repetition in the story and repeated “I’m NOT BOBBY!!!!:
* David‘s Drawings – Falwell, Cathryn – They thought it was cool when David’s classmates added to his drawing and it became the “class picture.” They also understood why the same picture he drew at home was perfect “just the way” it was.
* Time Train  – Fleischman, Paul – Students enjoyed the whimsy of traveling back in time on a train and learning a little about each era they passed.
Ask Mr. Bear  – Flack, Marjorie
Two Shoes, Blue Shoes, New Shoes  – Fitz-Gibbon, Sally
* Olivia And The Missing Toy  – Falconer, Ian
* Olivia  – Falconer, Ian – Okay, what can I say – Olivia is a pig with big dreams and ideas. She LOVES red, she LOVES to dance, and she tolerates Ian, her baby brother. She is quite the character!

There are more! I just haven’t tested on them or written them down as of yet!

Have a happy day!!

Cover of

Cover of I’m Not Bobby


I’m Not Bobby! by Jules Feifer

Cover of "I'm Not Bobby"

Cover of I’m Not Bobby

Bobby is a naughty little boy. He does not answer when being called. Instead, Bobby uses his imagination to hide from his family and runs away to keep from being found. He imagines himself a lion, an astronaut, anything to keep from having to be “Bobby.”

My students enjoyed the repetition in the sibling calling “BOBBY!” and Bobby’s response “I’m NOT Bobby!” I did not feel it was a moral tale as the boy was not doing what he should but the students knew he was “gonna’ be in trouble” when he finally went home. Good story to teach use of imagination!

Overall; however, I did not care for the book because of Bobby’s disrespectful behavior. I know I am supposed to enjoy the imaginative behavior of the child but this made me uncomfortable because we have an issue in education today where students lack respect for each other and for adults. It is one of our biggest problems in education! I don’t want students thinking it is okay to behave this way. So, I use it as a “don’t do” book more than teaching imagination when it comes to my students. When we get past the respect issue and more on to use of imagination, I bring it back out!


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