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Theodosia Throckmorton by R. L. LaFevers

Have a student interested in Egyptian history and mythology? This is a great series of books for a lover of all things Egyptian. Theodosia is a special little girl who can see ancient curses and feel the mysticism around her. Sounds like fun, right? Poor Theo spends her days in her parents ancient Egyptian museum where her mother, the Egyptologist, and her curator father work, and at times, live. She has dedicated her life to nullifying those curse before they can harm her family and friends. Sometimes this is quite humorous, other times, not so much. She has a group of crazed fans who think she is the reincarnation of a goddess, a secret society watching her every move, a street urchin pick=pocket friend, and an irksome bother of a little brother who comes home from boarding school at the wrong times. Interesting facts, the author did the footwork, and fun watching Theo get out of her predicaments, especially with her very proper English grandmother.


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