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No Talking! by Andrew Clements

Goodness! Do I know a group of unshushables! I am reading this book to a group of third and fourth graders with the hope and desire they will get the idea to try the same contest with similar outcomes!

So, boys against girls…no talking for two whole days…who will win? Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Not really, the lessons learned by both students and faculty alike are refreshing. Andrew Clements has a way of getting to the core of the issues and in this book it is the incessant desire of a fifth grade class to talk, constantly, non-stop, they probably even talk in their sleep kind of yakkers.

My third and fourth grade classes are loving the book. Partially because of the cooties and trash talking involved but I do’t care, THEY ASK ME TO READ IT!!! For a group of kids wit the attention span of the 5 minute commercial break I will take it!

Thanks Mr. Clements, you may have helped me spark a desire in these kids to read on their own. Great read for kids and adults. Short chapters allow students to feel as though they are moving through the book quickly and silly enough they remember where we left off from week to week. If you have a reluctant reader, this will help get them motivated. The kids are even asking me if they can read it when I am done!!!!!


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