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The Wild, Wild West by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton, fraidy-mouse extraordinaire, is traveling to the Wild West! Geronimo is the editor of the local newspaper. He is a calm mouse. He is a mouse who enjoys sitting at home, listening to classical music and drinking a nice cup of hot cheddar cheese tea.

Geronimo learns to rope and ride in the Wild West and he stands up to the town bullies. In the end … well you have to read the book to find that out.

I enjoyed reading this Geronimo Stilton book as it addressed Native American tribes to some extent, delivered great vocabulary regarding horses, and actually threw in a little twist at the end. Stilton fans will love reading this book.


Surf’s Up, Geronimo

Although I normally LOVE Geronimo Stilton books for their cultural, physical information and the entertaining way in which the books are written, I felt this one was not as good.

Premise: Geronimo feels it is time for a vacation and his cousin agrees. Cousin Trap leads Geronimo to a shady-looking travel agency and then teams up to bully Geronimo into buying an over-priced vacation that turns into a horrendous affair. The plane is dirty, the food inedible, the hotel roach infested, the beach over-crowded, the ocean laden with sharks. The vacation is horrible!

My issue with this book is how much bullying takes place and how easily Geronimo allows it to happen. His cousin, the travel agent, the staff at the airline, the hotel, and even his sister, Thea, bullies Geronimo. The books provide great vocabulary and usually information on the location or adventure in the book. This particular one fell short for me.

Geronimo Stilton by …. ah, who knows for sure?

The Geronimo Stilton series is written by … well, Geronimo Stilton. Ahem, yes, well. Anyway.

Geronimo is a well rounded mouse, in more ways than one, who runs the local newspaper and is a published author. He writes books about his exploits but those aren’t the books we get to read, or are they? Hmmm. Well, Geronimo likes cheese, he likes to read, and he likes to write. Above all else Geronimo likes to live a quiet life. So what’s to write about? Seems as though Geronimo spends more time on adventures with friends and family than running the family newspaper. One of my favorite exploits is when Geronimo climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro. I sure learned a lot of new vocabulary and information about the mountain.

I have to say, these books are a lot more educational than I thought they would be since, well, ya know, they are written by a mouse.

P.S. Some of Geronimo’s friends and family also write about their exploits…gotta’ say, they are a prolific bunch!

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