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The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

The City of Ember

The City of Ember (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

City of Ember

City of Ember (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An interesting book based on the “what if the world was about to end?” scenario. The story begins with someone telling a brief tale, somewhat cautionary, but also with an explanation of what was to happen next.

A city, surrounded by a dome. No way in and no way out. The city was built to keep the inhabitants safe from global environmental failure. Fail-safes were put in place: food, water, clothing, materials to live on in the manner the people were accustomed, and a box containing directions on how to get out once the danger was over – or at least when they thought the danger was over. Unfortunately, the box was lost for many years and those who were supposed to know about it forgot. When it was found, it wasn’t by the right people. Actually, it was found and opened by a toddler who still liked to chew paper. See the problem?

Her sister and a friend decipher the instructions just enough.

I can’t wait to read book two to see where they end up and how they survive.


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