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Leven Thumps by Obert Skye

I purchased the first three books a couple weeks ago. I was not sure if I’d like them but wanted to add a new level of reading material to my library. We have a lot of old books. Some predate me.

Anyway, I was unimpressed at first because I felt there was too much information provided in the beginning of the book and students may not want to devote so much effort in keeping track of who and what and where. That being said, I am actually looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Here is the breakdown of characters: Leven Thumps – main character, Antsen – very briefly introduced but inserted in the story occasionally, Winter Frore – secondary character, Clover Ernest – secondary character, Geth – secondary character, and Sabine – nemesis. No, that is not all but those are the most important in book one. They are all from the world of Foo – yeah, I had issues with that as well but I can get past it. Foo is the world where dreams live and are active. They actually develop from the dreams of humans and continue to reside after the dreamer wakes. Sabine wishes to live and rule over both worlds and Leven is the only one who can stop him. Winter was sent to earth from Foo to assist, as was Clover, a 12 inch monkey-like creature assigned to be with Leven. Geth was a king whose soul was extracted and placed into a seed, which was planted on earth, and needed to help Leven, Winter, and Clover.

Although the storyline is somewhat trite the characters are likable and the events are unique. I am looking forward to discovering more about the characters as they are developed in book two. The author appears to have a good sense of humor and adds a little tongue in cheek to the story and his own bio. So I am willing to give the books a chance.


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