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Marie-Louise Gay

Stella and Sam are brother and sister. It is amazing how much more Stella knows about everyday life than younger brother Sam. Stella shows him the wonders of the sea in Stella: Star of the Sea, where starfish are really stars that fell in love with the sea and fell from the sky. In Stella: Queen of the Snow, she teaches Sam all about the wonders of snow, snowmen, and making snow angels after reassuring him that snowmen don’t eat green snowsuits. In Stella: Fairy of the Forest, she shows her ever-questioning younger sibling the wonders of the forest. Stella: Princess of the Sky explains about the sun rising and falling, wearing brightly colored pajamas and teaches Sam about how the sun and moon change places.

Wonderfully sweet tales of an older sister teacher her beloved and exasperating little brother about life all around them.
My students enjoyed the silliness of the stories and even helped Stella answer all of Sam’s questions, such as, “Do parrotfish swim? Or do they fly and squawk?”


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