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Joy of Being a Children’s Librarian

I can read all the books I want without feeling embarrassed!! When I get funny looks from the checkout clerks in book stores my husband cheerily offers the explanation, “she’s a children’s librarian.” He likes the kids books as much as I do!

As of late he has taken to the 39 Clues series’ of books. We finished the first series in record time! He is reading the second series and is very opinionated about who the Vespers are and their motives! I even use him as an example to other parents as to the greatness of these books because my husband has dyslexia and reading was always difficult. He has a master’s degree in IT so he can read when he must but reading for enjoyment just did not happen. When I tell parents he read the series out of enjoyment for the story lines, the history, biographical information and geography touched upon, they are amazed!

I also get to enjoy the pure silliness of reading! Who doesn’t love Dirty Bertie and Walter the Farting Dog? I get to read silly and sometimes a little inappropriate material and share the fun of saying those forbidden words (stupid, dumb, and well, FART) AT SCHOOL!

No one has as much fun as I. I get to read it all. Prekindergarten level all the way through adult reading material. It is great!

I am currently reading a cozy mystery, a 39 Clues children’s adventure mystery, and a realistic fiction adult book. I have on request from my public library a YA sci-fi. No justification needed but just in case anyone actually asks, I AM A CHILDREN’S LIBRARIAN!


Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Mummy Mystery

I read this book at the request of my school principal because a parent found it objectionable. The principal could not remember why, “perhaps a word” she said. Well, I have the entire set in the library for my elementary students to read and I have never been challenged over a Jigsaw Jones Mystery book before so I said “sure, I’ll read it on the ferry ride home” as I have about twenty minutes.

Let me be very clear, THERE IS NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE FOR A STUDENT TO READ IN THIS BOOK. No swear words, nothing grotesque, nothing anti-religion, NOTHING.

Jigsaw is “hired” by another student to keep from being cheated in a bet. The student agrees to eat a worm for a buck. Yucky? You bet, but it lasts about five words.

What does that have to do with a mummy you may ask? Well, Jigsaw’s older brothers tell him a bit of lore about a mummy that only appears on Halloween and eats neighborhood cats. That is as gross as the story gets. No mummy appears, no cats disappear. Nada! The actual mummy that does appear is the costumed worm swallower.

So unless the principal can produce the concerned parent with a real complaint, the book stays without any issues.

The 39 Clues Series 1

Various authors. As an educator and librarian I absolutely love this series. The books are geared toward 4th – 6th grade student reading abilities but older students may enjoy them. Brother and sister are orphaned and placed with a horrible great aunt who detests them. Their grandmother is a kind and gracious woman but dies abruptly, so it seems, and leaves her substantial wealth to a group of relatives who are as foul and scheming as the great aunt. However, there is a catch. Each relative can walk away with a cool two mil OR they can enter the mysterious clue hunt. If they can collect the 39 clues and live to tell about it, the winner will have more power and wealth than they can imagine. Enter grandmother’s lawyer, an odd au pair, and the numerous relatives and descendants of the Cahill clan and you have a chase that leads the children to numerous countries, meeting famous and infamous, diverse, and devious, and sometimes even deadly, relatives who do not mind killing to get what they want.

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