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Summer Break

13-Gordon Korman 39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers

13-Gordon Korman 39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers (Photo credit: Scholastic Inc.)

The 39 Clues

The 39 Clues (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, folks. This is when I get caught up on my growth up reading! I will not be posting too much for elementary aged children here unless I find something new or unexpected. I did read another 39 Clues: Cahills vs Vespers (#6), Day of Doom, this week. By David Baldacci.

I have to say I liked the way he wrote this final(?) book of this series. A little darkness but also revelations about the who the characters ultimately are to themselves and to those around them.

Warning; however, there is some sadness. There will be death and redemption in this particular book.

Great job Mr. Baldacci! I look forward to more of your writing in this series (The 39 Clues).


Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan has done it again! New characters, brother and sister Carter and Sadie. New gods, EGYPTIAN! So cool! In three books Riordan explains the structure of Egyptian mythology, introduces the descendants of the pharaohs and magicians, and explains where they all went.

Carter and Sadie look nothing alike. Carter takes after dad, African American, tall and very attractive. Sadie looks like mom, tall and blonde with beautiful brilliant blue eyes. No one thinks they are related. They weren’t raised together because combined their magic is a bit explosive! Sadie was raised in England and Carter was raised all over the world. Unique and intriguing!

I am starting another series by Riordan now. Heroes of Olympus!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I have to say I am addicted to mythology and have been for many, many years. Greek, Roman, Native American, etc. Makes no difference.

Rick Riordan has brought back my childhood obsession in a fun and child friendly way. Yes, kids are in danger, mortal danger, but it feels more like excitement as you read. The detail in which he covers the Greek gods and the stories around them are enjoyable, not like reading the encyclopedia. I also loved the gods personalities. Riordan wonderfully describes the gods making them more believable and, to some degree, likable. The heroes are great. You even end up cheering on Luke in the end.

Great job and I plan to read these to my fourth graders next year!


39 Clues

Okay, I read the first one and liked it, a lot; however, I never finished the series for various reasons. So, I began reading The Medusa Plot this week and realized I need to finish the 39 Clues first! I went to Books-A-Million tonight and spent a few bucks and bought book two in the series. I will post the review of book one soon and as soon as I finish book two the review will follow. I am still reading The Medusa Plot because it is intriguing and I can’t stop!

We (husband too) bought the next few books in the series. After reading Cahills vs Vespers my husband was hooked. While he read book one (Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan) I read book two (One False Note by Gordon Korman). The series is made up of eleven books written by eight different children’s authors. That is one of the great things about the series. Each book has its own ‘flavor’ or ‘feel’ about it. The authors have different styles but are writing about the same characters. The manner in which the characters are revealed makes them more well rounded and full. Much more like real people than characters in a book.

Amy and Dan Cahill are orphans, they live with a horrible relative, and have a wealthy, but mysterious, grandmother. Upon her death the children learn about their other relatives and some crazy familial history. Their grandmother left a challenge behind for the entire family that could make the winner wealthier than Amy or Dan could ever imagine, if they won. They could opt out of the challenge and still walk away quite wealthy but stuck in their same situation with someone else controlling their lives. With the help of their au pair the Cahill children run away and begin an adventure of a lifetime as they find the 39 Clues.

Amy and Dan are hunted and hindered by the crazy array of relatives who also want to find the clues. Some of those relatives are willing to do anything, even kill each other, to figure out what the clues lead them to.

Maze of Bones (book 1) begins the journey in the US and leads them to France with information about Ben Franklin – Cahill relative, One False Note (book 2) takes them Italy and connects them to famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – another Cahill ancestor with connections to Ben Franklin and Marie Antoinette. Book 3, The Sword Thief (by Peter Lerangis), leads the siblings to Japan where they face down the Yakuza … HOWEVER, I am not done with book three so you will have to wait for my review!

Finished book 4, Beyond the Grave (by Jude Watson aka Judy Blundell) and book 5, The Black Circle (by Patrick Carman).

Okay, here is the update. Both hubby and I have read books 1 through 5. First, I need to state that my husband is dyslexic and has adult ADHD. As we read, he stayed on my six the entire time. I would finish a book and an hour later he picked it up and began. If I can get him to read something other than computer manuals and magazines I think that is an accomplishment but to keep his attention for 5 books in a series? THAT is a real accomplishment.

The only negative he had to say was that the books were “too fantastic” and “need more history.” Another shocker, he wanted more history and less fantasy?! I tried to explain that most kids reading these books would prefer less history.

The 39 Clues are a wonderful series for children and adults. The series is fun, funny, interesting, educational, and I can honestly say adults will love reading them as much as children.

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