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Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

Book Report Covers

Book Report Covers (Photo credit: m kasahara)

This story still chokes me up. Not because of the dog but because of the boy. It is an old-timey story of what it was like when America was new in Texas. Men had a job to do to provide for their families. That job took them far and wide away from their families. This is the story of how a family had to make changes and make do without their protector and provider. It is the story of how a boy became a man and how his perspective of family changed as a result. Love it!

What I find amazing is the fact that my students did not feel saddened at the loss of the father, the innocence, and the dog. Nothing. No emotion. Does that mean my students are no longer capable of feeling? I don’t think so. I do think they see so much drama, not the good kind, on television they have become apathetic. They feel no empathy because it is not over-dramatized and the emotion of this book must be felt to understand the book. It makes me sad that these children are spoon-fed emotion, action, and reaction without requiring understanding and sympathy for what others have gone through. This actually terrifies me as I wonder what this group of children will become without developing that inner emotion and empathy for others.



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