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Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass

“Ally, Bree, and Jack meet at the one place the Great Eclipse can be seen in totality, each carrying the burden of their own problems, which become dim when compared to the task they embark upon and the friendship they find.”
Don’t get me wrong, I liked this book but I felt something was off. Firstly, the main characters “felt” older to me. Ally came across as more responsible and mature that the average 12 year old, while Bree came off is too worldly for her age. I also was looking for something a little more climactic toward the end and I felt it was a bit flat.

I did like the characters and the way the book was written from each perspective. I enjoyed Ally’s straight-forward love of live and simplicity. I also liked the fact that she and her brother got on so well. Bree was not really a likable character as she was incredibly self-centered but I appreciated her growth and acceptance of her blossoming “inner-geek.” However; the truly inspiring character was Jack. A lump by most standards who realized he was more and he could be more.

I am looking forward to sequel that will bring these characters back together and perhaps bring them closer to the stars.


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